Sandalio Amador


Sandalio Amador, a half-elf in his early 30’s, is an entertainer, making his living primarily as a storyteller. In his youth, he traveled from city to city with a troupe of entertainers whose acts varied over the years. Time on the road with the other performers gave him plenty of opportunity to pick up a wide range of skills.

The troupe (known as “Kasmut’s Wandering Wonders”) is named for the elven woman who has been running the show for the past 50 years. While performers come and go, a core group has stuck together:

  • Kasmut – illusionist, stage magician
  • Andros – strongman and bouncer
  • Junia – animal trainer
  • Felix – herbalist, alchemist and healer (husband to Junia)

He left the troupe at the age of 19, apprenticing himself to Liviana, a musician who worked with the troupe for a few years. He studied with her for a time before they parted ways.

That part of his story is fairly consistent but, beyond that, it’s difficult to discern much about what he’s been up to in the intervening decade. Not because he’s quiet about it, but because it’s difficult to believe most of what he has to say.

He has claimed to have starred in plays performed for the Emperor himself, worked as a bodyguard to young sorceress and to have spent time as a spy but…then again, he’s also claimed to have met a werechicken.

Sandalio Amador

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