The year is AD 125, the eighth year of the reign of the glorious Emperor Hadrian, one of the best emperors Rome has ever seen. The Empire is flourishing, stretching across most of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Men and goods travel freely across thousands of miles of well-maintained roads to the bustling metropolis that is Rome, herself. Yet all is not well along the borders. While the Emperor Trajan, Hadrian’s adoptive father, expanded the borders to their utmost, Hadrian is forced to pull back as the borderlands become darker, more dangerous places. Where once the legions pushed back the nightmares that walked the forests, or stalked the trackless wastes, now they huddle in forts and pray to survive their deployments. The call has (secretly) gone out through the Empire, looking for brave men and women of extraordinary talents to push back the darkness once more and establish true Pax Romana!


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