Introduction to the Silent Ones

Spartacus and Sandalio were summoned to the misty shores of Britannia to meet with a wealthy, but currently out of favor, Lucius Vitullus. The young man was looking to make enough wealth to be allowed to return home to Rome, and had found the perfect get-rich-quick scheme.

Throughout the island, there are strange old fortresses which the native halflings refuse to enter. Sensing that they might be filled with enough wealth to convince his family to let him come home, he contracted the two to explore a newly discovered site in Caledonia (Scotland). As they were going to leave, however, one of the servants warned that the forts were home to the “Silent Ones,” who killed anyone or anything that tried to disturb them.

The threat proved real enough, as the next morning found three of Vitullius’ servants (including the one who gave the warning) dead, and the master nowhere to be found. Further investigation by the party revealed that the intruders had entered via magical methods through ancient architecture in the basement.

The party set out to the fortress they had originally been contracted to find, assuming that Vitullus would have been taken there as prisoner. Along the way, they encountered strange mushroom people, who managed to tell them of a group of cloaked figures which had burned them out of their underground homes, leaving them weak and stranded on the surface.

Thanks to a hunting accident, the party found themselves inside a cavern, where they encountered a mysterious structure.

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